Monday, October 29, 2007

Murder in Mesopotamia

Author : Agatha Christie

Genre : Detective fiction

Apart from painting a vivid picture on the archaeological fields of Mesopotamia, the author manages to bring about a story on human psychology. The narrator,nurse Amy Leatheran, is a part of the excavation at Tell Yarimjah.The murder takes place a week after her arrival, and she describes the events before the murder her investigations with Hercule Poirot in a very simple way.

A murder takes place in a dig of Tel Yarimjah at Hassanieh, and Poirot visits the place to investigate the murder. To reveal the victim would be to give away half the delight of reading this good novel.

Though the modus operandi of the killer intrigues the reader until it is disclosed, the answer is not satisfactory. Poirot's methods of deduction are superlative and well justified, the manner in which he questions the members of the expedition to figure out hidden facts about the victim reveals a lot of the methodical approach of Poirot. The novel appears to be dragged at the end, it could've been a better novel with thirty pages less.


D.Subrahmanyam said...

Nice review about this book ! Also thanks for ur comment on my review on the same book in I am also a fan of Agatha Christie and own quite a number of books of her. I also posted a short biography of Agatha Christie in and also in rediffiland site. Please visit and let me know ur comments. Thank you again

trustme said...

Great to meet another Agatha fan. Most her books are just unputdownable, except those which involves a great deal English upper class..
I'll certainly take a look at your works at Sulekha

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