Sunday, December 16, 2007


Author: Herge

Flight 714, filled with a private plane hijack and lots of action, is one of the best comic in the The adventures of Tintin collection.

Tintin and his friends, at their transit at Jakarta are asked to accompany an eccentric millionaire Laszlo Carreidas in Flight 714 bound to Sydney. Flight 714 is hijacked by Rastapopoulos with an objective of getting hold of millionaire Carreidas' account number in the Swiss bank. He did not expect Tintin and his friends to accompany Carreidas but nonetheless is delighted at the opportunity of taking revenge.

Tintin and his friends are tied down in an island in the Pacific ocean, as expected they escape and somehow manage to overcome the evil Rastapopoulos plot to become instant millionaire.

A very funny book, I enjoyed reading this. This was my first Tintin comic.

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