Friday, April 10, 2009

A place called Here

Author: Cecilia Ahern

I enjoyed my journey through Cecilia Ahern's A place called Here. It is hard to imagine how someone can conceive such a simple thought and yet carry it on for a length of a novel. It is a story that would make you yearn to visit a beautiful place like Ireland. A typical Ahern story where you'll like the protagonist, and wish you could see that person in flesh and bones.

Let me ask you three questions before you plan to disregard this review.You might as well be tempted to search for a copy after reading this.
Have you ever misplaced an important thing?
Have you searched frantically for a seemingly unimportant object?
Have you ever wondered where all those misplaced things in the world go?

If you have at least one positive response for one of the three questions, this book is for you.Cecilia will take you to that place, a place called "Here" where all the misplaced things go. Cecilia Ahern is quite famous for her best seller "P.S.I Love you", but I'd say she was better than that in this book. I don't want to type out the entire story here. Only a few instances where the author was exceptionally brilliant.

Sandy Shortt is more than six feet tall and she has coal black hair. How is that for a lead character ? Unlike the romantic stories, there is no hero to rescue her from her troubled situations, and she often manages to get into trouble. She is obsessed with something that ordinary mortals rarely give a second thought to, searching , searching for every misplaced sock.The book is about searching, not in a philosophical way like a Paulo Coelho book, but a humorous way where the fate of your misplaced object is one step ahead of your bright thought.

If you've started searching for this book, I believe I would 've done one good deed for the day. I hope you won't misplace it when you manage to find one. :)

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