Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Walk to remember

Author : Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks has the knack to make you weep, and I laughed and wept as much as he wanted me to. How can a story  told so many times create a feeling of originality ? A good author can rewrite any story and still maintain the originality. And no doubt, Nicholas Sparks is one among them.

The story set in 1950 is about innocence ,friendship and love between Landon Cartor and Jamie Sullivan.Landon Cartor is a richie rich, easy going, seventeen year old guy in the suburban North Carolina. And then there is Jamie Sullivan, Landon's classmate,  the daughter of  the old Priest who hates the Cartor family. Landon hates him no less than the Priest. According to Landon, the Priest is so old and frail that one could see the other side of his body if not for his clothes. That they live in the same neighborhood doesn't help much.

Jamie is devoted to God, animals, and orphans in no particular order. For her, everything happens because the Lord wishes so, and she carries her mother's Bible tightly clutched with her all the time. The Bible is the only memory of her mother who died giving birth to her. She's not one of Landon's cool friends, in fact she has no friends at all. She's what they a call a loner, but a cheerful loner according to Landon.

For some good reasons, Jamie and Landon becomes friends in their final year of school, and Landon walks her home most of the days. Jamie takes him to orphanage, and makes him do things that he never did all his life. On Christmas, she gifts him her mother's Bible, the one she always carried with her.She gave it because she knew that soon she would have no use for it, for her days are numbered. Their friendship turns out to be short lived, for she has no plans to outlive her thin skinned father.

Landon does everything in his power to save her. But with the technology available in the '50's there was no way to save her from her medical condition, all roads are closed except a miracle. And then Landon does something unheard, unbelievable, and unthinkable. Landon's action makes him a hero, and that is where the book is different from many other stories written in the same lines. Does the miracle happen ? Will Jamie Survive? Or can Landon overcome his feelngs for Jamie ?
It is not the question of miracle that the book answers, but it about hope and belief. Hope that everything that has happened is for good , and belief that whatever future holds is for good.

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