Sunday, February 10, 2013

Full facts book of cold reading

Author: Ian Rowland

Haven’t you heard about that famous astrologer who can tell you everything that happened in the past? That man who can read your future on your palms? Or for that matter the man who can tell you things from your past life?  

A frequent topic of discussion is that of supernatural; Astrology, Palmistry and other psychic readings. I call it supernatural because all these systems have rules as flexible as the rubber band used to hold a pile of currency notes. It flexes to your whims with the money that it holds.  So do you want to know how the astrologer knew about that incident in your childhood? Do you want to know how the lady adept at Palmistry could predict your life partner? Or do you want to become an amateur psychic reader?You must pick up this book and test it for yourself. 

I did not become a skeptic after reading this book. I was already one. It just gave me a lot of information to persuade more people to become skeptical about such supernatural scams. Of course that author is an accomplished psychic reader helps a lot in understanding intricacies of the trade.  Yes, a trade just like any other. That requires certain skill, training and persistence to project that mysterious air around their workplace.  Armed with the content of the book, you can probably reason educated people who think that modern astrologists are a symbol of our rich tradition. In my opinion, it is a myth most often used to encourage monetary manipulations.

There may be learned men apart from the crooks and charlatans of this trade. But exceptions cannot be taken as examples. In fact by debunking fake psychic readers, the book is actually promoting real Psychics, of course if such a breed really exists. I like a good fight, and if you like them too, this book will not fail you.

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